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Desert War


This nonfiction book serves to provide the reader some facts on the ongoing confrontation between the U.S. and Iraq over Iraq’s weapons of mass destruction. Included in the book are:

The details in this book make it very clear – Iraq will not have a chance against the U.S and its allies in another war. However, if Saddam Hussein decides to rain chemical, biological, or nuclear weapons on allied invasion forces, casualties will mount and the decision to disarm Saddam and remove him from power may be second guessed.

But this is precisely the point. The idea is to disarm him before he acquires enough weapons to inflict massive casualties on invading armies, or on neighboring nations, such as Israel, Iran, Saudi Arabia, or Kuwait.

Author's Note:

Desert War is dedicated to all allied armed forces who battle terrorism around the world.

Desert War was written by John Campbell and researched by Christine Townsend. John and Christine are father and daughter.

The authors of this book hope that the conflict between the U.S. and Iraq will be resolved peacefully, and that the weapons described in Desert War will not be used on anyone.


60,000 initial printing

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