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Stories Not Yet Sold
If anyone is interested in publishing one of these stories, then send me an e-mail.


Hidden Sun

Steve Hendrick searches for sunken treasure aboard the Awa Maru, a Japanese freighter sunk by mistake at the end of World War II. After battling pirates, the Chinese navy, and stormy weather in the Taiwan Strait, he succeeds in recovering a fortune in gold as well as a long forgotten secret, a secret which will plunge him and the mysterious Maggie Ramsey into a battle of danger and intrigue involving four of the world's intelligence agencies. At stake: the heads of the world's leading democracies and the fate of millions.

Author's Note:
The Japanese freighter portrayed in this novel is real. The Awa Maru had been given safe passage by the United States Navy in return for conveying supplies to Allied prisoners in the Far East. The unarmed and brightly-lit ship was sunk in error on a very foggy night by an American submarine whose captain thought he was attacking a destroyer. The Chinese conducted salvage operations in the late'70s but never revealed what they found beyond some bodies and personal effects of the victims. The Awa Maru remains a sore point in Japanese American relations to this day.

Being considered by publishers

Blast Wave

A group of criminals, led by former electrical engineer Harry Dekker, steal cars thirty at a time using very high tech equipment to unlock the cars' keyless entry systems. Before splitting up the money Dekker proposes that they go after sunken treasure.

They search for the Japanese submarine I-52 sunk during Word War II based on reports that it has $25 million in gold aboard. They find no gold aboard but only a strange small structure which appears to be a scale model of something larger. They take the model to a scientist who tells them that it is a prototype of an ionospheric weapon which had been worked on by the Nazis. The weapon is based on the work of Nikola Tesla who, the scientist believes, caused the massive explosion in the early 1900s at Tunguska in Siberia. The criminals decide to sell the model to the U.S. government in return for a full pardon for each of them.

Before they can do so, Aragon, a mad genius, steals the model and has his own scientists construct the weapon on an island in the Aleutians. The ultimate anarchist, he threatens the governments of the world with destruction unless they disband. He demonstrates the weapon by projecting vast amounts of energy to various locations around the globe, causing massive explosions.

The criminals go after the mad genius to get their weapon model back. Dekker's girlfriend, Ada, is captured by Aragon's army and taken to their island. Dekker is faced with going into Aragon's stronghold which is almost certain death. He had never risked his life for anyone before, but he cannot leave his girl to Aragon.

Dekker's men are all experts at high tech breaking and entering. They penetrate the island's formidable layers of security and get into a pitched battle with the genius's army. Dekker uses his technical training to redirect the weapon's energy directly down on Aragon's island. Aragon fires the weapon thinking that he is about to destroy Washington D.C. Instead the island explodes, destroying Aragon, his weapon, and his army.

Dekker's group is reduced to three, Dekker, his girlfriend, and one other. With no weapon to buy their freedom, the government arrests Dekker and his friend but lets Ada go.

As they are being transported to prison, a guard brags that no one could pick the lock on the prison van because it is the same technology as the remote keyless entry system that is used in cars. Ada drives up in the van with the sophisticated electronic equipment they had used to steal cars and electronically opens the rear door. Dekker and his cohort escape into the night.

Author's Note:
This story has some basis in fact. The U.S. government is conducting experiments with the ionosphere at a site in Alaska. The project is called HAARP, High frequency Active Auroral Research Program, which radiates electromagnetic energy into the ionosphere while monitoring the effects. Some people have called it the government's attempt at mind control and various other wacky things. The story extrapolates ionospheric effects into a fictional weapon of massive power and basically has some fun with it.

In outline form only. Will create the manuscript if there is some interest from publishers.

Short Stories

Hiding Place

A man, named Il and a woman named Elle, newly aware of their existence, man defensive systems on the Moon and watch the approach of an alien invasion fleet from deep space. The invaders blow by the Mars defense ring and speed toward Earth. The two take off from the Moon and head to Earth to return to the world's defense headquarters at Cheyenne Mountain in Colorado. On the way Elle is captured by the aliens to Il's devastation. The aliens assault Cheyenne Mountain where a state-of-the-art defense, called the RASOR field attacks the alien invasion fleet as Il watches.

However the RASOR field is no match for the aliens and Cheyenne Mountain is destroyed. Il wander among the ruins finding a survivor who recognizes Il with surprise. The survivor is surprised that Il is on Earth. He was supposed to be in hiding on a moon of Jupiter. When told that Elle had been captured the survivor becomes very distraught.

The dying man reveals that Il and Elle are the embodiment of the entire human race. A machine was constructed to put the essence of every human male into Il's body, and the essence of every human female into Elle's body. When the invasion danger had passed, the machine would reverse the process and restore the billions of humans to individual existence. With Elle gone, every woman in the world would die. The human race would die off in one generation.

Il wanders over the ruins, looking among downed alien ships for Elle. He finds her in one destroyed ship, but she had been disassembled. Il suddenly realizes that both he and Elle are androids. He lovingly picks up her pieces and puts them into the back of a pickup truck. He drives off knowing that he will have a tough time avoiding the still marauding aliens. One thought nags him. Could he reactivate Elle?

Il looks into the rearview mirror at every woman in the world with the answer on his mind.

He has to.

Author's Note:
I wrote this story, thinking the idea was an original one. Later I realized that it paralleled the best episode on The Outer Limits (the '60s series) called Demon with a Glass Hand. So with homage to Harlan Ellison, author of the TV episode, I offer my own humble take on a strange place to hide the human race when faced with invading aliens. Length: 30 pages.

Gathering dust. (Harlan, you can call off the lawyers.)

Weapons Ultimate

Creatures from deep space attack Earth so incompetently that the human race doesn't even know they exist!

Strange creatures float through space killing off any life form unlike their own. They come upon Earth and send a huge solid block of their deadliest poison into Earth's atmosphere. The block of ice melts rapidly turning to rain and filling the waterholes of the grateful prehistoric humans.

The creatures return with another equally toxic substance also in solid form which melts when sent into the Earth's atmosphere. The block of oxygen burns brightly as it descends, giving warring humans an omen of encouragement.

The creatures return once again millenia later with their final weapon, one they had used very effectively on the ferrite creatures on another planet. They string themselves together above the Earth and send enormous electrical current through themselves, thus creating a huge magnetic field. They perish in the attempt but have the satisfaction of knowing that they have certainly destroyed the creatures on Earth.

Little Johnny Miller hears the excited voice of his older brother who beckons him to his room. Together they view the most spectacular display of the Aurora Borealis they had ever seen.

Author's Note:
The feedback I received after trying to sell this story made it obvious that editors didn't read the entire story. Length: 14 pages.

Gathering dust after two attempts to sell to magazines.