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Vauclain's Shield


Russia in the throes of economic devastation is taken over by hardliners intent upon the destruction of the United States. Russia launches a massive nuclear strike on the U.S. using submarine launched cruise missiles and ICBMs. Jonathan Vauclain is at the White House receiving the congratulations of the President at the deployment of a new missile defense system. Vauclain, the President and his staff listen to reports from NORAD as one by one the missiles are struck down by Vauclain's force field that is projected around the country.

Vauclain's shield has one very large drawback. The force field stops everything from entering U.S. airspace, including passenger planes carrying innocent people. Vauclain's wife and daughter is on board one such plane. Vauclain is savaged by guilt for their deaths.

A plot develops in the U.S. military to launch on Russia as revenge for the realtively few deaths caused by a Russian EMP attack just prior to the ICBM launch. The Russian SVR discovers the plot and kidnaps Vauclain and his assistant/lover, Kerry Enloe. A moderate takes over the Russian government, and he convinces Vauclain to produce a smaller shield for deployment around Moscow to protect against a rogue launch from the U.S. The U.S. military launches some ICBMs at Moscow and Vauclain's shield stops the missiles saving the city and its inhabitants. The U.S. brands Vauclain and Kerry traitors for revealing the secret of the shield to the Russians.

The overjoyed Russians offer Vauclain and Kerry anything they want. Vauclain responds that there is one thing that the Russians could do for them.

A Russian submarine deposits Vauclain and Kerry on a deserted spot on the Canadian coast. They will assume the identities of two covert Russian agents who are being sent back to Russia. Vauclain and his love go off to their new life together.

Author's Note:

This novel contains a highly detailed and realistic portrayal of a strategic nuclear launch on the U.S. beginning first with a massive electromagnetic pulse (EMP) attack involving many satellites. The scenes in the current literature and movies are always incorrect about the technology, details, and the military response.

Russia still has tens of thousands of nuclear warheads. If the government is taken over by an extremely belligerent group, then the danger of nuclear attack portrayed in Vauclain's Shield will become all too real.


The novel is available at which is the publisher's website, or you could call 1-888-280-7715. (It's a bit cheaper at the 1st Books site.) Hardbound, trade paperback, and electronic versions are all available now. It will soon be available at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, plus hopefully many other bookstores throughout the country.